My Story

Angie lives in Milton (just outside of Toronto) with her husband Devon and two daughters Mya (9) and Aliyah (7). Before having children, Angie was an overworked Marketing Manager. She left her corporate job to have children and assist Devon grow their graphic design company. Angie wanted a way to get healthy again, earn more from home and help others at the same time. As a result, she co-founded a movement called United to Inspire—a community that assists people dramatically improve their health and finances, while creating more time for things that matter most. 

Angie has won many awards both within her network marketing company and community. Most recently she received a national award—The Mompreneur Award of Merit for consultants/licensee/franchisee for exemplary sales, leadership and empowerment of Other Women Entrepreneurs. Angie loves inspiring other families to live healthy balanced lives and for those that are open, how to earn extra income from the comfort of their home through partnering with the fastest growing health and wellness company in the world.



Her passion is to serve and equip others to take their lives from mediocre to exceptional. 



What you focus on EXPANDS