I love my profession because it provides a place for everyone to contribute and become significant....success almost always follows.


Whenever you have big goals, you are going to experience massive resistance. Will you push through and overcome? That is the true test that will determine if you qualify to achieve the goal you set.


Listening to negative people is a constant drip of toxic poison that eventually dilutes all of your belief in yourself and what your life could look like. Change the subject, run-away, disconnect and do what it takes to keep your belief and dreams strong.


Most of us want to be comfortable, but what is our desire for comfort costing others who depend on us?


Sometimes we think that people that are outgoing and talk to everyone about what they are going to do are the most successful. From my observation, the people that talk less, put their head down and get to work are the one's changing the most lives. Don't think that you are too shy or introverted to make a difference in the world. I believe we need more of the strong silent and ultra focused type 


I am convinced that we can have an incredibly successful business, be an amazing parent and wife all while living a ridiculously fulling life. It may take some time-management skills, hard work and personal growth, but it will be worth it!!!



Her passion is to serve and equip others to take their lives from mediocre to exceptional. 



What you focus on EXPANDS