Business Tips and Resources

What are your “Top 5 Tips” or words of wisdom for other women thinking of starting a business?

1.  Develop a Strong Why

A clearly defined why will help you break through unexpected obstacles. It will drive you to make the next phone call and work an extra hour at night when the rest of the world is in bed or watching The Bachelor. (I have never seen that show) My why at first was to stay home with my girls and spend more time with them. Now my why is to help other moms and have more experiences with my family. For some people their why is to send their children to private school and others it could be as simple as taking their family on a vacation to Disney World.

2.  Set Up Office Hours

When I started my Isagenix business I was nursing and potty training. Life was chaotic already and I worked in every single pocket of time. It was really stressful and I felt like I needed to be available 24/7. With training I decided I would work an hour in the morning while the kids played and watched a show, during naptime and after bedtime. Now that they are in school I focus my morning on working out, meal prep and taking care of the needs of our home. I work from 11-3 and then again when the kids go to bed. Yes, there are busy times that you will need to be flexible but for the most part sticking to a schedule makes life more organized and owning a business more enjoyable. People will be more attracted to you when you are happy and not overwhelmed.

3.  Ask For or Hire Help

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. The truth is we only have so many hours in a day. When I started my mom was amazing. Every couple of months she would take the kids for a weekend so I could focus and plan. Devon is also great at getting groceries or doing extra things when I have events, deadlines etc. The key is to ask. Husbands may not always see the need like we expect them too. The best decision I made was to to hire someone to clean my house because I could either spend 8 hours a week cleaning or spend those 8 hours growing my team and building my business which has a much greater return. There is less conflict in our home and paying a cleaning lady is much less expensive than a divorce. If you don’t have money yet to pay someone to clean hire a young neighbour to watch your children so you can do it uninterrupted.

4.  Celebrate Wins

I always let my family know when we I am working extra hard and why. They know that when we achieve a goal there is something in it for them. Dinner out, a trip to the spa, a weekend away or a Disney Cruise. This gets their buy in and they feel a part of something big. They are more likely to do more around the house, get to bed on time and be understanding when I have to take a call during family time. After all, there is something is in it for them.

5.  Set Up Accountability

When you no longer have a boss, that is a good thing right? Unfortunately, the number one person we lie to is ourselves. It is easy to have a series of days go buy without doing any income producing activity and spending way too much time scrolling on social media. Having an accountability partner will improve your activity and profitability in a huge way. It will keep you focused and less overwhelmed. 


What “Top 5 Realities” do you wish you knew before/when you started your business?

1.  The people you think will support you, may try to pull you back

Some of the people I thought would join me and cheer me on, actually criticized me for wanting more.

2.  There will be many days of wall kicking moments

There are days when you just have to push through. You are being tested. Do you really have what it takes? Push through and you will get to the next level.

3.  People think you are a stay at home mom and want you do everything stay at home moms do

I needed to set boundaries. No, I do not want to do before and after care and unfortunately I can’t help every Friday on pizza day. I run a successful business from my home. Actually two!!!

4.  Taxes!!!

Get organized or you will be overwhelmed with the paperwork and taxes of running your own business. Also, set money aside for year end taxes. We have been surprised with an unpleasant tax bill.

5.  How much Freedom you can create for your family!!!

If I knew I would have started my business a lot sooner.


What are the “Top 5 Things You Couldn’t Succeed Without” as it relates to
being a mompreneur?


1.  Sleep

Most of us need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Some need more. My sleep is so important because I am doing so many things every day. I find when I get my sleep I am happier and more patient. The tone of my home is better and I want to engage with and speak to more people which ultimately grows my business. Some weeks I get a bit less but my goal is to always get back on track.

2.  Me time/Self Care

As a mom it is so easy to put everyone else before yourself and at the end of the day you feel exhausted, frazzled and resentful. Exercise makes me happy and more alert. Sometimes it is only a 20 minute walk and others it is an hour at the gym. You can only put yourself on the back burner for so long before you get burnt out.

3.  Personal Growth

Your mindset is such an important part of owning a business. What you focus on expands. If people want to start a business but have a buried belief it won’t work, it probably won’t. The more I grow as a person, the more my income grows. They are closely linked.

4.  A Supportive Team and Family

I have coached many people with negative husbands or family members. It is so much harder for them as there is sabotage going on. I am grateful for my parents that believe in me more than I believe in myself (my mom is my #1 business partner) and for my husband Devon that supports me and cheers me on. I am so blessed.

5.  Proper Nutrition

When I eat the wrong things I feel lethargic an unmotivated. When I am sticking to a clean diet (learn more in the lifestyle section), I have the clarity and energy to accomplish in one day what many people accomplish in three days.